Salary : Dependant on Age, Experience & Qualifications
Full or Part time : Full Time

Role description:

This position requires flexibility, must also be able to cover all 3 homes when required

To ensure that nutritious and wholesome meals are provided in adequate quantities for the Service Users, to the highest possible standards of good ‘home cooking’

In consultation with the management and Service Users to construct weekly menus, which recognise Service Users’ preferences, reasonable choice, and any required special diets.

To be responsible for ordering and stock control of foodstuffs and associated catering equipment, in consultation with the management.

To contribute to the discussion of the establishment of budgets and ensure that expenditure is maintained within allocated budgets.

To be responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the kitchen, equipment, and associated food stores, including the maintenance of these to the best possible standards of hygiene.

To be responsible for dealing with and accountable to Environmental Health Officers, with regard to the kitchen and associated catering activities, and for ensuring that any and all recommendations and requirements of these Officers are fulfilled as far and as quickly as reasonably possible (liaising with the Management Team / Owner(s) where this involves significant expenditure).

To take responsibility for and supervise any other staff delegated to assist and work within the kitchen and associated stores.

To be party to decisions, policies and practices, as to Service Users’ access to and involvement with the kitchen and associated stores, and to be aware of the need, as far as possible, particularly to ensure their safety and security when (and if) so involved.

To recognise “food” in the quality of life for Service Users, and ensure the highest possible quality and presentation.

To ensure appropriate ‘handover’ to other catering and other staff, and that all agreed preparation is undertaken.

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