Deputy Care Home Manager

Salary : £9.00ph
Full or Part time : Full Time

Role description: This position is Temporary with a view to becoming Permanent. QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: At least 12 months' experience of Residential Care, preferably at a reasonably senior level, including experience of the management of staff, time, and resources, and preferably also to possess or be actively working towards achievement of NVQ. FUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Registered Manager - Subordinate Owner(s) / Registered Person(s) - Subordinate All other Home Staff - Superior Outside Agencies/Individuals - Service-giving MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES OF POST: To act, under the Registered Manager / Owner(s) / Registered Person(s), as deputy, to take responsibility as the person in charge of the Home, as and when necessary and directed, and to maintain the highest possible standards of care practice and public relations. DUTIES: N.B. As a matter of policy, NO post involved in residential care should or can be regarded as office or desk-bound. Whilst the duties of this post involve periods apart from direct Service User contact, the post holder will nevertheless be expected to take part in direct care activities when deemed necessary. 1.0 Professional: To be familiar, or become and remain familiar, with the relevant Sections of the Health & Social Care Act, CQC Regulations and The Fundamental Standards for Older People, the National Professional Code of Conduct for social care workers, and any amendments thereto and any other publications identified by the manager/owner as similarly relevant, to ensure that own and others practice is in accordance with these. To be familiar, or become and remain familiar, with the required contacts with and notifications to the Commission for Social Care Inspection, and ensure that your own and the Home’s practice is in accordance with these, at least as far as is legally required, necessary and appropriate. To be familiar, or become and remain familiar, with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the various Regulations, and any amendments which might arise, and ensure that own and others Practices and Recording are in accordance with these principles at all times. To be aware of the needs of and benefits to self and others of continuing learning and training, including as full as possible involvement in the scheme of National Vocational Qualifications/Diplomas, and, in discussion with the manager, to ensure that all possible learning/training opportunities are exploited. To be aware and committed to the value of the maintenance of required and appropriate records, and to ensure these are maintained by self and others to the highest standards for each Service User. To participate in the assessment of Service User's needs, as directed by the Managers, and ensure that the Home is suitable, and continues to be able to provide, for each Service User's needs. To take part in regular reviews of all Service Users' current needs. 7. At all times, to ensure the maintenance of a safe environment. 2.0 Care: In collaboration with the Manager, to lead the staff team in meeting the Service Users' physical and care needs to the highest standard. In discussion with the Manager, to obtain the maximum information possible and necessary about Service Users' past histories, and ensure that this is communicated to staff appropriately and to the extent necessary, to allow provision of appropriate care. To be alert to and aware of Service Users' emotional needs, to judge and provide appropriate response, and ensure that subordinate staff respond appropriately. To be aware and accepting of the desirability of normal risk-taking by Service Users (providing, of course, this does not endanger others), to encourage the maximum possible independence and self-determination, to provide the greatest possible quality of life for Service Users, and to ensure that subordinate staff exercise similar awareness and attitudes, and that adequate records, including appropriate risk assessments, are maintained to ensure protection of Service Users and staff. Also, to recognise that some aspects of any residential caring setting may militate against the maintenance of dignity and independence, and to compensate for this wherever possible, ensuring that subordinate staff are so aware. To be aware, and to ensure that subordinate staff are and remain aware, of the importance of the maintenance of the quality of the physical environment (i.e. not just repairs, but also tidiness/cleanliness) and its contribution to Service Users' quality of life. To be aware of the importance of relatives, friends and other social contacts of / for Service Users, to ensure these are welcomed by self and subordinate staff, irrespective of any personal preferences or attitudes, and subject only to the overall safety and security of the total Service User group and the Home. Also, to recognise that the contacts may themselves need support from time to time. To recognise the value of activities and entertainments (and the sterility of absence of activity), and to ensure that subordinate staff, individually and collectively, exploit every opportunity to foster these, recognising the Service User's right to participate or not. To recognise and respect the value of personal property to Service Users, ensuring that subordinate staff similarly recognise and respect, including the safeguarding of such property where necessary, and appropriate encouragement to Service Users to bring in, obtain, or retain personal possessions. To recognise the importance of "food" in the quality of life for Service Users, and ensure the highest possible quality and presentation, including of any special dietary needs. Together with the Manager, as far as possible, and if possible by a Service Users' Committee, to encourage the full involvement of Service Users in important decisions relating to the running of their Home. To ensure that self, and subordinate staff, recognise at all times the need to maintain as "homely" and "non-institutional" atmosphere as possible, notwithstanding the need to maintain the highest possible standards of care. 3.0 Staffing: 1. To be involved in the appointment of staff of the Home, as directed by the Manager. 2. At all times, to maintain the highest possible standards of personnel management and industrial relations. 3. To supervise subordinate staff in a firm, fair and consistent manner. In conjunction with the Manager, to ensure that all staff are as involved as possible in decisions relating to the operation of the Home, and in particular to their working conditions. To be aware of the need for staff at all levels are trained appropriately for the tasks they are required to undertake, to report identified needs to the Manager and to discuss action required. This may include involvement in National Vocational Qualifications/Diplomas, subject to the Home’s training policy and the need to achieve and maintain a substantially qualified staff group. To ensure that subordinate staff adhere to the policies and principles of practice established for the Home. To ensure that there are open and effective channels of communication/information to and from all staff. To provide staff with appropriate opportunities formally to air grievances, and that these are paid due accord. Also, to be aware of the importance of an effective “whistle-blowing” policy, and to ensure the appropriate procedures and confidentiality are maintained. To ensure that disciplinary action is taken where necessary, and that this is applied without fear or favour, whilst ensuring that the subject of such action, if aggrieved, is fully aware of their rights to appeal such action to the Manager. To attend and be prepared to chair staff meetings, in the absence of the Manager, being prepared to contribute and to facilitate the contribution of all staff to discussion and decisions. To participate in staff performance reviews, as directed by the Manager, ensure that staff recognise the positive aspects of such review, and that staff have the opportunity of making their own written contribution to the subsequent record. 12. To contribute to the proper maintenance of staffing records. 13. To provide staff reports to the Manager, as requested. 14. To illustrate, by example, the highest possible standards of good practice in all areas. To recognise the scheme of delegation, without abrogating personal responsibility, whilst ensuring that systems of accountability and reporting are maintained. To be aware of the potential of abuse of Service Users by staff (and others), to ensure that all staff are aware of their duty to report such abuse, or even suspicion of such, and to recognise that any such allegation must be investigated rigorously, with recourse to the disciplinary procedure as required. 4.0 Administration: To be familiar with all aspects of the administration of the Home, and able to undertake a "caretaker" role, when requested, in relation to those aspects not normally part of this job description. To recognise that appropriate administrative and management processes are essential to maintain the required caring environment and quality of life for Service Users. To be aware of the budgetary provision for the Home, and the need to remain within budgetary limits, whilst advising the Managers of any significant over or under-spending, and being prepared to discuss necessary budget variations. To be aware of the importance of maintaining occupancy levels, (yet that it is quality of provision primarily which will ensure high occupancy), and the inter-relationship of budgets with occupancy. To be party to the establishment of principles, procedures, practices and budgets for the Home, and to ensure their maintenance. 5.0 Benridge Care Group: 1. To recognise that loyalty to Benridge Care Group is of paramount importance. To recognise that, (at all times when identifiable with the Home), you are a principal representative of the Home to ALL people with whom you have contact, and to ensure the best possible impression. To recognise that ALL reception, telephone, and written contacts convey an impression of the Home, and to ensure that, for self and subordinate staff, ALL responses are of the highest standard. NOTE: The duties and responsibilities of this post may develop and change over time. It is the responsibility of the post holder to monitor such changes, to draw them to the attention of the manager, and to be prepared to discuss necessary amendments to this job description.

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